I had a terrific experience working with Beelucid to translate my VB.NET application to Java. Megan was able to migrate my application very quickly and accurately.

The application contains many Beelucid-constructed classes with methods that map to standard VB.NET functions. This has helped me greatly in reading the source code for maintenance.

Furthermore, when I investigate the source code for the Beelucid classes, I can see what Java functions correspond to the VB.NET functions with which I am familiar.

In addition, she provided fantastic customer support, even after delivery of the translated application. She was very responsive in addressing my Java environment questions so I could execute and modify the code within my Eclipse IDE. She also provided very useful suggestions when I asked for help on some tweaks to the program operation.

I heartily recommend working with Beelucid to anyone in need of translating their VB.Net application to Java.