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Fast, affordable .Net to Java conversion

Beelucid makes it easy to convert VB.Net to Java. Our novel application, VBeeJ for Java, and our expert conversion services allow you to migrate from .Net to Java quickly. With Beelucid software and services, you get:

  • Code that will Compile and Execute when you convert from VB.Net to Java.

  • Affordable and guided .Net to Java software migration.
  • Open source plugin adapters that implement .Net services on Java 6.0 OR the Blackberry.
  • Superior support. Read a recent customer testimonial.

Download the free trial and demo of VBeeJ for Java

  • New!  Your free trial and demo is packed with features and open source Java software!

Why migrate from VB.Net to Java?

Smart companies want the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Java platform. But they also need to leverage their investment in .Net development. Beelucid offers the solution. We provide a fast, secure path from .Net to Java, allowing you to:

  • Accelerate the pace of .Net application migration to Java.
  • Take advantage of code reuse.
  • Lower application development costs.

Learn more about VBeeJ for Java.

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